my diy post-birthday party

yesterday, i threw a healthy merienda party for my research family at the office. kim and i went grocery-shopping for this party the night prior and i decided on the menu on the spot because i am spontaneous like that, hehe. because i love everything diy, i thought of having a make-your-own veggie tortilla. and then i bought fruits, cut them and served them as is–fresh kung fresh. kim helped me cooked soy garlic tofu, and then we also made red iced tea candies.

for the table setup, i used paper plates, printed paper cups, and wooden forks. i used hearty washi tape rolls on the names at the back of the paper plates as seat cards, on the fork handles, and as food labels. 20130227-221551.jpg

here’s a closer look of the healthy food. plus chocolates as rewards for eating healthy, haha! 20130227-221753.jpg

here are two of my guests taking their diy veggie tortilla seriously, haha. 20130227-221627.jpg

i asked my research siblings to come as their favorite fruit. can you guess our favorite fruits based on the color of our tops? fruity colors <3


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