heart’s day weekend

we just love to celebrate so even though we already celebrated heart’s day the weekend prior, we still found ourselves celebrating during the valentine’s day weekend. on the eve of heart’s day, we decided to cook dinner together at home. we perfected our soy garlic chicken chops a.k.a. bonchonwari (bonchon kunwari, hehe!). we set up our dinner at my arts and crafts table to make us feel like we were in a gallery-inspired boutique, hehe. look at how this tiny chop turned into a heart shape! pre-vday dinner <3

on heart’s day, i received a cute surprise from my hubby. around 6 p.m., i got an sms from him telling me to go down our office lobby. i felt so kilig upon seeing him with a handful of teenage suitor gifts–homemade cupcake, pink long-stemmed rose, heart-shaped balloon, hello kitty stuffed toy, and a handwritten love letter. oh to be young and blushing on valentine’s day, haha! teenage love <3

whenever i get a bouquet of flowers from him, i always tell him to give me just a single flower next time. this heart’s day, he finally gave in to my request. i know he spent much time in choosing this pink rose. it looked perfect and unlike any rose i’ve seen before. i even asked kim when he handed it to me if it was paper because it was too beautiful to be real. or maybe i just fell in love with it, haha. i was also surprised at how long it lasted even without water. as of writing, it is still pink and not completely wilted. well, i guess the little prince was right–it is the time that you spent with your rose that makes it so important–and in this rose’s case, special. when i told hubby my observation about this rose, he said that this rose stood out among all the roses in the shop. pink long-stemmed rose <3

for more sweetness we had desserts at mrs fields after i got off from work. heart's date <3

over the weekend, we also went mall-hopping and were able to do a little shopping–this has to stop, haha! we were also able to eat at other restaurants. you know, aside from our favorites–bonchon, california pizza kitchen and tgif, hehe. on friday, we had dinner at the french baker in sm mall of asia. i was finally able to try that big bread with soup in the center. i have been curious about it for so long and well now i know it was just that–soup in your bread, haha!

on saturday, we dropped by mochiko’s branch at the collective for merienda. then for dinner, we tried yoshinoya at glorietta. i only had california maki, while kim went for the pork tonkatsu. service was a bit slow.

after that, we had cupcakes and coffee at vanilla cupcake bakery–our new favorite desserts date place! vanilla cupcake bakery

oh and there was my joint birthday celebration with gerlie (housewarming) and ching (baby shower), but that’s another story.

p.s. if you are feeling artsy, please do check out my diy heart’s day card and heart’s day gift wrap posts at thealkimis.net. spread the love, y’all!


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