my diy birthday party

kim and i decided on the overall look of my merienda party on the spot so we were really proud of how the setup turned out. it took us about an hour and a half to move tables and chairs, and decorate. it was like magic! ;)

party table

i was able to use my washi tape and i consider this an achievement. kim has been teasing me about my washi tape collection, the first set of which was a pre-birthday gift from him, saying i only admire them just like my stick-on notes collection. so i was happy to show him what i can do with my rolls of washi tape.

washi tape details and paper straw

diy drinking bottles

feat. soft line party washi tape

my photo booth used mostly recycled materials from my book-themed housewarming party last year. the photo booth bunting, tiny books garland, and paper cranes still looked nice so i was hesitant to throw them away. to spice it up a bit, i thought of adding balloons as props. kim inflated them by blowing; while i put words on them using washi tape.

book-themed photo booth with washi thought balloons


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