one more year and my age will forever be out of the february calendar, haha! but that doesn’t make me feel old. i believe that age is just a number because right now, i still feel like i am 17–only wiser, hehe. i am excited about all the possibilities and opportunities the universe has in store for me. i am bursting with energy that i think could make me live to be 100 years old.

and it helps that my hubby is being true to his wedding vow. and i quote, “i will make you feel young for the rest of our lives.” even before my birthday, he already had something each day that would make me giddy like a teenager, hihi.

last friday, he gave me another gift–a cotton on hand/shoulder bag that reminds me of my recently-retired h&m messenger bag. i loved that bag too much that i still used it even when it’s skin was already falling out, haha. but with this thoughtful gift from my hubby, i can finally let that worn-out bag go.

we also ate at nyfd for dinner and watched a movie in greenbelt 3. we haven’t done that in a long time. we’ve been eating dinner at home first before watching a movie in greenbelt 1 or glorietta 4 using complimentary movie passes to save money, haha. anyway, we watched warm bodies and we highly recommend it.

on saturday, he woke me up with a gift from benefit cosmetics–this complexion kit (like a sampler) that i have been eyeing for a long time now. then we went on a road trip to paseo de sta rosa and nuvali. we attempted to go outlet-shopping but we didn’t find much that screamed “buy me.” i got a pink bra from la senza just because it was the only item in my size. yes, i felt like it was meant for me. nevertheless, we had a fun time talking about anything and everything while on the road. that’s my favorite part about road trips, anyway. plus the singing and dancing breaks whenever something good played on the radio.

finally, yesterday, my birthday, we spent the morning grocery-shopping and decorating our garage for my merienda party (more on this in another post) with my family and close friends. after all the guests have left, kim urged me to open his last two birthday presents for me–a new pair of steve madden leather boots to replace my worn-out faux leather zara boots, and nike’s recently released studio wrap pack shoes for my zumba and pilates classes. just two weeks ago, i had my acupuncture dance shoes repaired at mr quickie.

his gifts were packed inside what he calls a wish box that he decorated with printed adhesive tape and hand-drawn illustrations. there was a heartfelt note under the lid of the box that says how much he wants to see me happy and feeling special every day of our lives, hihi. with a husband this sweet and thoughtful, what else could i wish for?

to more birthday candles, y’all!


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