liebster award

i feel so honored to be nominated by the eliza victoria for the liebster award, which is given to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.

the rules are:
share 11 facts about yourself.
answer the awarder’s 11 questions.
ask 11 questions of your own.
nominate 11 bloggers.

eleven facts:
1. i am a daydreamer.
2. i love making lists.
3. my favorite household chore is doing the laundry.
4. i have never finished reading an e-book.
5. i sniff the pages of a new book.
6. i love the smell of freshly-mowed grass.
7. i am a picky eater.
8. i recently developed a love for pickles.
9. i sing when i’m happy.
10. i dance when i’m ecstatic.
11. i love pretty little things.

answering the awarder’s 11 questions:

1. what is your favorite color? pink.
2. if given the chance to live in a foreign country, where would you go? south korea. i want to experience the four seasons and still be relatively near the philippines for when i get homesick.
3. what’s the last film you’ve seen? did you like it? life of pi. based on the novel by yann martel, which i haven’t read. i liked it. it’s funny, touching, exciting and thought-provoking.
4. what’s the last book you’ve read? would you recommend it? identity by milan kundera. to some extent, it was like reading a novel by haruki murakami. how something or a situation is so simple that it becomes complicated. then the real intertwines with the imagined, and then things get blurry altogether and you don’t know anymore. maybe it was just me. but well, i recommend it.
5. what course did you finish in college? if given the chance to choose another course, what would it be? i took up journalism in up diliman thinking it was the counterpart of admu’s creative writing course. i wanted to shift to bs psychology so i took 18 units of psychology courses for my electives. i also love science and math (i used to tag along to my housemate’s chemistry classes), so maybe i’d take up bs chemistry or chemical engineering instead. i also daydreamed of being a fine arts student when i was in college. but my childhood dream was to become a neurosurgeon so if given a chance, maybe i’d try harder to get into up manila’s intarmed program.
6. if someone’s going to make a film about your life, who would you choose to play your mother? meryl streep.
7. favorite cake flavor? ice cream flavor? strawberry.
8. what would you say is your talent? show off with pictures if necessary. i feel/know (sometimes, dream about) ~things. (some say i’m very sensitive. others believe i’m a clairvoyant of sorts. my husband thinks i’m just too smart, haha!) what? that’s not a talent? okay, how about effective guilt-tripping? haha! just ask my friends.
9. worst job experience? being made to feel like you are a nobody.
10. worst vacation/trip so far? none so far.
11. best vacation/trip so far? summer in el nido, palawan. island-hopping, swimming, and snorkeling galore!

i hereby nominate these people for the liebster award —

mental diarrhea (personal)
j. walking (personal)
single brown mom (personal)
cool life & hot times (personal)
everyday sunday (personal)
eat ur banana (personal)

here are my 11 questions for you:
1. when and why did you start blogging? and do you think you will ever stop?
2. what is the one thing you can’t do?
3. who is your favorite superhero?
4. what type of music makes you dance?
5. where would you rather be right now?
6. what is your favorite day of the week?
7. how much do you think is too much?
8. what makes you wake up each morning?
9. what makes you sleep well at night?
10. what is the one thing you have to do before you die?
11. do you believe in reincarnation? who or what do you think will you be in your next lifetime?

p.s. if you have more than 200 followers, please still answer for fun (like i did). i’m looking forward to reading your posts!


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