early birthday treats

it’s still january but it feels like february already! my hubby decided to start celebrating my birthday a week earlier to make up for february having only 28 days, which is not even his fault! so sweet, right? reminds me that it’s going to be my first birthday as a married lady, hihi.

for starters, he treated me to an early birthday dinner at tgif yesterday. it wasn’t even friday yet! i missed friday’s mac ‘n cheese yumminess. then this morning he told me we will be spending the day at bonifacio global city. that meant only one thing to me–shopping! yay! but before that he had to go with me to the derma for my appointment. he waited for more than an hour but he was still all smiles when he saw me getting out of the treatment room. thanks to my ipad mini, which was one of his christmas gifts to me, he didn’t even realize he waited that long.

at bgc, we hopped from market!market! to serendra and then to bonifacio high street. he bought stuff from my wish list, hihi. but for now he let me have the mint green and seafoam blue nail polish, and the rolls of washi tape only. he said he will still be wrapping the other gifts.

i also bought him presents (from my wish list for him because he hasn’t made one, haha) even though it wasn’t his birthday. that’s how happy i am today.

aside from shopping, we also had lunch at kenny roger’s and dinner at bonchon. i ordered my favorite american bbq chicken, and soy garlic chops. right now, we are having tea (for me) and coffee (for him) at starbucks. typing this quick post while he’s busy reading newspapers and checking the stock report, hehe.


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