weekend stories


my weekend kicked off with thursday’s dinner at bonchon (again!). friday morning was spent doing the laundry, and preparing our housewarming gift for cy–a pink set of paper plates, saucers and cups, and plastic spoons and forks wrapped in pink table napkins with neighborhood deco tape closure, which were used during her housewarming party later that night. we had mostly healthy food, and played pictionary. we also went to the rooftop, which cy didn’t know exist, haha!

but before going to cy’s housewarming party, i accompanied kim to glorietta to catch the jabbawockeez and super crew (superwockeez) mall tour. tickets were sold out already so kim missed the chance to be called onstage for audience participation portion, haha! we had to do with the free spot we were able to secure by the railings on the third floor. we had a good view, to be fair.

saturday was reserved for my fitness date with my cousin for her post-birthday treat. we attended sir j’s kickboxing, core training, and zumba classes from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. whew! it was so tiring and fun at the same time. i especially enjoyed dancing in a real dance studio with mirrors for the first time in years, haha! also notable are those girls who go to the gym with full makeup on, wth?! also spotted celebrities will devaugh, alex crisano, and roxanne barcelo.

after our fitness date, we had late lunch and early dinner with kim. then my cousin had to leave for another post-birthday party, while kim and i went mall-hopping from galleria to megamall to shangri-la. we saw saab magalona inside the zara store in shang. she is prettier in person.

we checked out wedding essentials magazine’s latest issue because our wedding rings suppliers told us that we are on it. it turned out that our photo was one of the client photos used in the advertisement. no names, just our faces.

before going home, we had quickly. of course, i ordered my favorite taro ice special, yum!

sunday was spent on house arrest as i woke up late with an upset stomach. kim was also not feeling very well with his runny nose. i hope he won’t get the flu. we spent the day watching tv series in between taking naps. then we made a mistake of watching suicide circle before sleeping. i didn’t get it and it wasn’t even really scary but it was bloody and all that blood and people killing themselves are just so haunting. to forget, i did the laundry and washed the dishes before going back to bed. but that did not save me from way too many nightmares, huhu.

i was able to sleep for an hour straight from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. this morning. and then i had another dream. we were in the old house of my paternal grandparents and part of the wall was supposed to possess some sort of magic that brings them back and my dream was set on that particular day it worked. my grandmother was distributing my late aunt’s stuffed toys. and then when it was time for them to go again, i cried and hugged them goodbye. my grandmom said they were watching my wedding and was waiting for their presence to be acknowledged. i said i was sorry while the wall warped, like a curtain slowly concealing my grandparents from us.


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