139th monthsary

we had an early celebration for our 139th bf-gf monthsary and second wedding monthsary. on thursday, we had our new favorite manang’s chips with garlic mayo dip before watching life of pi.
oh these manang's chips <3

we planned to continue our celebration in the province but we were greeted by a rainy weather on friday. saturday was a bit better but still not conducive for a day out. so we spent most of our stay in the province indoors–eating, sleeping and watching tv. we also finally got to watch pitch perfect–acamazing!

we also did a bit of organizing, tada… tada!!!

and i got a bit nail-painting happy… happy nails <3

on sunday, we had our favorite thin-crust garlic cheese pizza and mojos at shakey’s. and finally, on our monthsary day itself, we went to our favorite bonchon store in greenbelt 1 for dinner.mandatory 7:38 p.m. photo <3

it was a weekend of favorites–a happy monthsary to us, after all!


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