honeymoon 2012

kim and i didn’t have specific honeymoon plans aside from staying overnight at club balai isabel. we stayed in a lakeside suite, overlooking the taal lake. we woke up to a sunny friday–a beautiful way to start the first morning of the rest of our lives, hihi. the first thing we did was camwhore at our reception’s photo corner because we forgot to ask our photographer to have our picture taken there the night before. the decors have been put down so we had to do with just the wooden frame.let's start this with a kiss <3

we then had breakfast, and continued our tour of the resort after. then we spent the rest of our stay swimming at the infinity pool and sunbathing. oh how we missed the sun! honeymooners, lakeside edition

while thinking about what to do next, we suddenly had this idea of spending one night at different resorts for the rest of our days off. resort-hopping in november? not bad at all. so the following day, we headed to laiya and checked in at acuatico beach resort. we loved our stay there. the seaview room we got was smaller than our room at club balai isabel. but there was really something honeymoon-ey in the ambiance. the service was also superb, making the equally ~superb price we paid worth it, haha!honeymooners, beachside edition

the next day, we were supposed to stay at the next-door estrellas de mendoza resort but we were shocked at how dark our skin has turned already so we decided to just head home instead.

we continued our resort-hopping during our first wedding monthsary trip to boracay. we spent our first night at one azul and our second night at estacio uno lifestyle resort. we arrived in boracay around 7 p.m. already so we literally just spent the night at one azul before transferring to estacio uno the next day. we did not do anything much during our stay because it was already our third time in boracay and we have tried most of the activities during our previous trips. we just ate, slept, and lazed under the sun.honeymooners, boracay edition
as i have mentioned in my previous post, we went clubbing during our last night. talk about feeling young for the rest of our lives, haha! kim haven’t been out dancing for a long time and i was so happy to see him really having a good time. but our body just couldn’t keep up with the kids nowadays so we decided to retire to our room after the dj played the wanted’s glad you came, which was our send-off dance song during our wedding. just imagine how ecstatic we were when we heard it.we'll be young forever <3

the highlight of this honeymoon series? hands down, our skinblings by p&p tattoo in boracay. most of you could not believe we actually got ourselves inked. and we can’t blame you because until now we are still surprised by our ~boldness, haha! yes, these wrist lifeline tattoos are real! the artist, upon noticing my hello kitty bag, showed me his hello kitty tattoo. ang cool lang e! he also used a hello kitty tattoo machine in working on my tattoo–awesome! yolo <3

p.s. sa totoo lang, mas masakit pang magpa-facial kesa magpa-tattoo! ;P


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