i’m back

i know i haven’t been doing real blogging since the wedding. i have been too busy ~feeling things instead of writing about them, which i think is good. but i really wish i could have tried harder to put them into words. maybe i will do just that this year.

let me see… i think i still owe you stories about my wedding? or maybe you don’t want another wedding-related story from me? haha. for now, you may check our wedding supplier reviews in our blog, and kasal.com’s feature on our wedding.

so what have i been up to after the wedding aside from being happily married with my husband? hihi. okay, mushiness will continue in another post.

well, i mostly partied like it was the end of the world. the company anniversary party kicked off my december and it was epic as usual. i danced the night away in my wedges (that has to be said, haha) and went home around 4 a.m. already.

photo by genie lagman

photo by genie lagman

then there was the annual yuletide dinner with my former officemates. this time we held it at gotti’s in megamall. it was a fun night catching up with my girls.with my gs gehls

our zumba class also had a costume and potluck party. i was supposed to come as an elf but i ran out of props so i became one of santa’s gifts instead, haha!

photo by mau brizuela

photo by mau brizuela

to feel the christmas spirit more, my research siblings and i played secret santa for three days. revelation day was during the library and research white christmas party, and then we went out for drinks at tides later that night.secret santa no more

then there was the back-to-back-to-back inquirer libre nonparty, editorial party (where i won a rice cooker during the raffle), and college bloc party (which i missed for the first time, boo!).

also last december, kim and i celebrated our first wedding monthsary in boracay. yes, white christmas is more fun in the philippines! we partied at club paraw during our last night. and then, in a whim, got inked at p&p tattoo before heading home. yolo! white christmas

during our christmas/new year break, we successfully squeezed in enough time to celebrate both with my family and kim’s family. and then there was the impromptu swimming and fishing trip in anilao with my uncles on the 31st. what a way to end my year!

on new year’s day, we had the traditional mercado clan reunion. the program was cut short this time because most had to leave early in preparation for resumption of work the following day. but we had tons of photos in all combinations possible.mercado clan reunion 2013

my favorite is this cousins photo where we lined up by age, too cute! it was my idea, of course, haha!mercado cousins by age

my first few days back at work were mostly accompanied by terrible headaches and menstrual cramps, huhu. but now i am back attending our zumba sessions, and tomorrow i will be doing pilates again. i have also been riding my bike to and from work for four days now.first time to ride my bike to and from work

i can feel that 2013 will be a good year. positive vibes, y’all!


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