a bunny adventure

so yesterday my research siblings and i decided to have an animal costume theme for this year’s trick or treat  at the office. i came as fighter bunny. i wasn’t scary enough to join the costume contest so i just went on squinting and being cute, haha.

after work, kim asked me to wear my costume again because he also wanted to sport the mask he made. apparently they also had a costume contest at work. we walked around makati in our costumes and even wore them to dinner at krazy garlik. because we are crazy like that, haha! of course, there are pictures or it didn’t happen (see under cut). enjoy! and happy halloween! ;)

walking along sycip park and waiting for our food at krazy garlik.

before alice fell down the rabbit hole.

window shopping after dinner.

(1) taking the underpass, (2) waiting for a ride, (3) using the atm, and (4) finally home.

why did the bunny cross the road?


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