surprise bridal showers

last week, i received not one but two surprise bridal showers from my friends. i never thought posing with bride-to-be decors could give me this much kilig in my life.

october 22. i asked jeng to organize a get-together with our former workmates so that i could distribute the wedding invites. little did i know that our usual dinner dates would be turned into a bridal shower for me. when i arrived at the restaurant, i wanted to sit next to jeng but she insisted that i take the center seat. it was only after i was already settled on my seat that i noticed the bride-to-be scrabble tiles arranged on my place mat. it was a travel-themed bridal shower: messages on travel-themed paper, refrigerator magnets with romantic travel quotes as souvenirs, and gifts that i could use or bring on my travels with kim (yes, sexy lingerie is a must, haha!). thanks, girls! :)

october 24. i thought i was going to have a date with cy at a chinese restaurant that night. but when we met in front of the restaurant she told me we would be going somewhere else. next thing i knew, we were in front of a videoke room and i was being blindfolded. when we entered the room, “it’s raining men” was playing and i was like, “really? a magic mike bridal shower?” hahaha!

that colored printout of magic mike was enough to make me scream and get kilig but my blocmates still had three of our friends and my fiance (the best surprise ever! i can’t believe they managed to sneak him from me, hahaha!) give me a ~lap dance. too bad i was blindfolded the whole time. the rest of the night was spent eating, drinking, singing, and dancing. they also prepared bridal shower gifts. i am beyond touched. my blocmates are the best people in the world. i love you all forever. <3


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