the monthly almi

well, not exactly. but i just feel like i have been neglecting this blog for most of this month so i thought of updating you on how october has been treating me. to say that i have been busy since october 1 is already an understatement. aside from my daily wedding diy projects, there are other wedding-related stuff that i deal with every day. of course, i still have to spend quality time with my fiance, family, and friends. and yes, i also have to continue going to work. on top of everything, i have to stay fit (so i still attend a once-a-week pilates and twice-a-week zumba sessions with sir john, whew!) and pretty (i am religiously sticking to my facial regimen no matter how tired and sleepy i am at the end of every day). i tell you, being a hands-on bride-to-be is not an easy role, haha.

surprisingly, all the stress don’t seem to show as i have been getting “you don’t look stressed” and “good thing you are not a bridezilla” kind of comments, which make me a bit kilig, hihi. i just hope i can keep this composure until the big day, haha!

other happenings for this month so far:

— (october 5) went out with my cousins to this party place in lipa called limbo. i had a lot of fun being crazy for a night with my cousins. it was my first time to go clubbing (nakaka-teenager!) with them and also my first time to be out until 4 a.m. while in the province. i feel so legal and legit. whattup!? hahaha!

— (october 6) joined rajah’s family day at school. played sack race, amazing race, tug of war, and paint me a picture. our team finished third overall. had an awesome day with the kids.

— (october 6) after rajah’s family day, we headed to dimaano’s residence for my cousin kyle’s birthday dinner. i can’t believe he’s so big already, huhu.

— (october 12) went out with my cousins again. this time we had dinner at buffet 101. kim was also able to join us, making it extra special. i love it when kim hangs out with my relatives, hehe. and very soon he is going to be officially part of the family, too.

— (october 13) attended my friend aloi’s first son’s third birthday party. kim and i were a bit late but we arrived in time for the jollibee mascot who was as entertainting as a clown. we also met aloi’s second son, milo. here’s a requisite photo with my friends’ babies, hahaha!

— (october 19) our prenup photo shoot finally happened! there is so much to be thankful for this day. the weather was very cooperative–no rains, and just the right amount of sunshine. my hair and makeup artist was an hour late but we still made it to the venue 15 minutes before our lunch reservation. my photography team was also very patient with us so we really had so much fun. can’t wait for the rest of our photos, hihi.

— (october 21) a cousin who came home from the us visited us yesterday. he was with his 17-year-old son. some of my cousins from my father’s side also dropped by. we spent the whole day sharing stories over food and drinks of course. we also planned another reunion of sorts for friday. family is so love.

— my father survived an electric shock early this morning. thanks to my prayer team, the lord immediately answered our prayers. please continue to pray for his full recovery.


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