our last monthsary

kim and i are celebrating our 136th monthsary today. this would be our last boyfriend-girlfriend monthsary because next month we would be turning 137 months as husband and wife, hihi.

we actually kicked off our celebration last night with dinner at bonchon and desserts and coffee at caffe ti amo.

this morning, we met up with our wedding rings supplier to claim our fingerprint wedding bands. we are so happy at how the rings turned out. i was really anxious since last night that i had two nightmares wherein the supplier did not come up with the agreed design.

after getting the rings, we decided to head to ayala triangle and have brunch at momo cafe, but…

waiter: ma’am, yung voucher po natin 2 p.m. pa po pwede i-claim.

me: huh? wala naman nakasulat sa voucher a?

w: *points at the fine print” ma’am, ito po o. for ayala triangle branch po.

m: ahw… di ko napansin na eastwood yung natignan ko. sige na, kuya, kasi may pasok pa ako. hindi na ako aabot sa 10 p.m. closing.

w: ma’am, mahigpit po kasi sila e kung sa akin lang po, okay lang po e.

m: anniversary kasi namin e…

w: ai, sige, ma’am. gawan po natin ng paraan.

(after a few minutes…)

w: okay, ma’am. ituloy na natin ang anniversary!

m: yay! thank you po!!!

thank god for non-kj waiters, hihi.

our conversation on everything and anything while waiting for our food eventually brought us to the topic of getting old together (as usual). then i remembered my previous post and asked him if he read it already. he said he hasn’t and i told him i know because he hasn’t “liked” the link on facebook, haha. so i opened the link on my iphone and made him read my post.

after reading, he tilted his head and looked at the ceiling…

kim: ayokong umiyak. ayokong umiyak. ang galing-galing mong magpaiyak.

i just laughed. and then he laughed with me. and then i got teary-eyed as well. so we just went on laughing and looking at the ceiling together, hahaha!

complimetary bread with pimiento spread was served, and then we had barbecue riblets, garlic pizza (which i didn’t realize was vongole because i got excited upon reading “garlic” ugh), and deep-fried oreos.


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