forever 17

“i am old,” i told kim one night. of course he replied that it doesn’t matter because i still look young anyway. and i do feel young. i may be turning 29 in less than four months but i still feel like i am 17. i went on explaining why i feel young. there are many factors but that night it suddenly hit me that it is mostly because i have one constant wonderful thing from the past–him.

i was 17 when we became a couple. and every day since i have always felt like i’m in a one-day old relationship. at the end of the day, before i go to sleep, i always still get that first love kilig feeling that god gave him to me. i guess the kilig kept me feeling young, and in effect, looking young.

explaining this to kim made me a bit teary-eyed that i decided to say nothing more and just hug him. i was touched by my own words, haha. because i am weird like that. it is just always overwhelming for me to realize that we have really been together that long and here we are, already counting the days to the first day of the rest of our lives… <3

by, we’ll be young forever… ;)


3 thoughts on “forever 17

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    • late kung late. but don’t stop believing. hold on to that feeling. alam mo na ang sunod dyan tutal kinakanta mo na, hehe. ;)

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