the weekly almi

i realized that the daily almi is not working as i planned, especially the past days while i was sick. so i thought of doing a weekly almi for today. i also noticed that i haven’t been really blogging since i started the daily almi so maybe this gadget thing is not as good an idea as i thought, hehe.

anyway, since my last post:

…i attended a pre-cana seminar with kim at san guillermo parish church last friday. i was already not feeling well that day but we just had to attend or else we would not be allowed to get married, hehe. good thing i made it through the whole-day seminar without falling asleep or collapsing. it helped that we were able to take a nap inside the car during the 1.5-hour lunch break, hehe.

…i spent my saturday at home with my nephew. i was starting to feel really sick and my nephew actually took care of me, haha. he made me what he calls smoked grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast. when i asked why it is smoked, he said it’s because he slightly burned the toast, haha! he also cooked fried shrimp with sweet chili sauce for our lunch. have i told you that my nephew is only 10 years old? too cute, right? he also cooked fried hotdogs and eggs for our dinner, which he pointed out was like having breakfast at night. of course, i opened the gas stove for him but he really did the cooking. i’m proud of him.

i almost missed the uaap cheerdance competition that afternoon. i was able to tune in just as the up pep squad started their routine. i was glad that they made 8 happen!

…by sunday, i was really really sick. i woke up with fever and my throat wasn’t getting any better. i already had a slight fever the night before but without my mom around i wasn’t able to get a hold of medicine right away. she was on an out-of-town trip with the barangay council; while my dad was at our farm the whole day. so by sunday morning, my mother was already home and she was able to take care of me, yay!

…i was feeling better by monday but i decided to skip work to rest more and fully recover. i can feel just how tired my body was because i spent almost the whole day sleeping after almost five days of sleepless nights due to my sore throat. this meant that i was not able to attend our zumba class, so sad.

…tuesday found myself back at work. except for slight throat irritation, i was back to my “normal” self. by afternoon, i felt my throat going from sore to dry and i really prayed that it was not a sign that i was going to have a dry cough.

…yesterday, i was really feeling good already so i went back to zumba class. i really missed it that i had so much fun! we had a few new songs and some old ones that we haven’t danced to for a while now. i also attended the meeting of our employee engagement team. we had a lively discussion and of course, yummy food–my favorite spicy shrimp spaghetti and four-cheese pizza! i know our physical fitness instructor wouldn’t be happy about this, haha!

…also yesterday, my pink city bike finally arrived! i bought it from ubuild trading via cashcashpinoy late last month. remember how i told you that kim’s birthday is like also my birthday? this is actually his gift to me, hihi. we also thought that aside from the practical reason that i can use it every day to work, the bike can also be one of our props for the prenup photo shoot and maybe for the wedding itself. i am ecstatic about this bike because i have always wanted to have one. i never really had my own bike when i was a kid; i just borrow from my cousins, uncles and dad when i’m at home in the province.

but kim did not allow me to bring the bike to work today because he said i still need to equip it with a side mirror. he also pointed out that i don’t have a helmet. i also didn’t have the chain lock thing for securing the bike while it is parked.

i wanted to sneak it out to work today but decided to just let it sit prettily inside my unit for now. because i am a good girl like that, hihi. <3


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