the daily almi

current status… success! may dala na akong jacket, woohoo! meanwhile, i’m trying to ignore feeling-close people. iba-ibang levels kasi ang pagiging “feeling close”–merong nakakatuwa, pero minsan nakakairita. anyway, izu-zumba ko na lang ito.

this is really interesting… yesterday, i shared with my research siblings how kim and i would often role-play when in public. the most recent instance that i could remember was when we went to divisoria. we were so tired that we were quiet on our walk to the lrt station. we were still not talking with each other when we rode the train. the train was packed so we were standing. after two stops or so, kim started talking to me out of the blue. i pretended to be irritated and told him, “excuse me, do i know you?” he chuckled. this little scene apparently caught the attention of the two college girls who were seated in front of us. hmmm… an audience. so kim played along. he kept making random comments about the buildings outside, while i kept rolling my eyes and giving him side glances. i held on to my bag tighter and i pretended to be irritated whenever kim’s elbow/arm would accidentally touch mine.

when we were just two stops away from our destination, the guy beside one of the college girls alighted the train and kim quickly nudged me to take the vacated seat. pinaupo mo pa ako e malapit na tayong bumaba, i told him. ayokong mapagod ka, he said, while holding my hand. the college girls couldn’t contain their giggles. we overheard one of them saying, “bakit nagkaganun?” they were still giggling when we were getting off the train. and we saw them still eyeing us from the window when we were already at the platform area.

role-playing in public. always fun. hahaha!

the soapbox: anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly. ~rose franken


2 thoughts on “rpg

  1. LOL, ang saya! Kami naman ni Ian:

    Him – Tigilan mo na kasi ang paglalandi mo. Parang awa mo na.
    Me – Ikaw nga nagpapaligaw sa bading e.

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