the daily almi is back

i have this daily gadget for igoogle that i used to religiously update, print screen, crop, and then post on my multiply. it was fun re-reading my entries, and it made me miss updating that gadget as part of my morning routine before going about the day’s business. i wanted to resume updating my daily gadget but then google got rid of it! when and why, i don’t know!

anyway, i thought i’d just make my own version for this blog. so here goes,



the daily almi

current status… finally feeling the effect of going to the office during my days off. i was disoriented when i woke up this morning. what?! it’s only tuesday???

shout out to… everyone who’s been feeling the wrath of the bridezillalmi, hahaha. sorry! minsan at konti lang naman. ^_^Y

currently reading… the big over easy by jason fforde. i’m still on the pacing stage a.k.a. i’m reading unnecessarily slow. it made me realize that i know of very few nursery rhyme characters. hopefully, reading would be easier as i move along.

lately i’m thinking… how i miss traveling with kim. di bale, we have a lifetime to see the world. :)

this is really interesting… those bloggers who are following the alkimis and liking the posts. i hope they are not just spammers, heh.

the soapbox: whoever has really sacrificed anything, knows that he wanted and got something in return. ~friedrich nietzsche

there you go. just like the old times, huh? ;)


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