the funny thing is that i went to the office the whole week. the operative word being “went” so i wasn’t really being workaholic, hehe.

i dropped by the office on friday even though it was my day-off. i just wanted to say hi to kate as she has just arrived from copenhagen the day before. anyway, i was going to pass by the office on my way home after i had my copy of a bottle of storm clouds (by eliza victoria) signed. but kate was still not in the office when i got there. i decided to wait but i didn’t realize that she would be arriving two hours later, haha. i was set to go home after a couple of stories about her trip, and a show-and-tell of pictures and videos. but then miss rachel called to remind me of our meeting that day, which i really forgot about, haha. i still had time to go back to my unit and hang my laundry before the meeting, which ended around 4 p.m.

and then yesterday, i had to drop by the office again to get my wedding diy projects notebook inside my drawer before heading to my diy-materials hunt with kim. coincidentally, yesterday was my third hiring anniversary.

but my short side trips to the office didn’t spoil my weekend because kim and i had some time out. :)

thursdate at the coffee bean and tea leaf. kim and i already had dinner separately so we only went for late merienda. i guess we haven’t been in a long time because it was my first time to be given this light-and-buzz customer number instead of being asked for a name. i rarely give my real name, by the way, because they also rarely get it right, haha.

we tried their tomato and herb pasta, which tasted like their spinach ravioli. we figured it was the same tomato sauce and that the herb part was the same ravioli filling. it was actually good because i really wanted to have ravioli except that it was not available then.

i had chai tea latte but i also had a few sips of kim’s orange juice, which tasted good and healthy so i might be also having that next time.
fridate was at le coeur de france. kim had their corned beef balls rice meal; while i settled for their garden salad because everything i initially wanted was not available. if i weren’t that tired from walking, i might have suggested to transfer to another restaurant. the food was so-so (therefore overpriced) so no pictures for you guys, haha.

kim bought me this cute hello kitty shirt to cheer me up, hihi.

saturdate turned diy-materials hunt was quite a success!

because he’s been a good diy-materials shopping buddy, i bought kim this book that he’s been eyeing for weeks. he said this would make us rich in the future. ;)


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