133rd monthsary

july 12. it was a japanight for kim and i as we had a box of mochiko mochi ice cream for take-out on our way to see the gala performance of japanese sensation drum tao at newport performing arts theater in resorts world manila.

a mix of taiko drumming and martial arts, the show was two hours long but it did not feel like it. time does fly when you are having fun! aside from drums, there were several unusual stringed instruments, flutes and cymbals played. the program also included dance sequences, stand-up comedy, and a bit of audience participation. drum tao will be in manila until july 22 only, so catch them while you still can! click here for more details.

july 13. we had our first meeting with our account executive from club balai isabel to discuss the reception setup and details. my maid of honor/wedding coordinator also joined us. afterwards, kim and i had our 133rd-monthsary purchase—a paper trimmer! earlier, kim also got me a dress and a sexy top, yay!

july 14. caught magic mike at cineplex 10 in gateway mall before having dinner at pizza hut bistro. we waited for 25 minutes before our appetizer arrived. and then five minutes later, we were informed that our pizza was not available so we had to wait 10 more minutes for our new order. good thing, i was still hangover by channing tatum so the rest of the night was not ruined, hehe.

july 15. we played tong-its over breakfast. kim won the first two games and then i won the last three!  then kim cooked rojak tofu for lunch. it was yummeh! for dinner, he made chicken curry pasta topped with tofu and spinach and dropped it off at the office for me, sweet! it even came with quaker oat cookies for desserts!

to cap off our monthsary weekend we watched got 2 believe (a filipino romantic-comedy film starring claudine barretto and rico yan). ‘cause it’s magic when two people fall in love, hihi.


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