how i got into bowling

it started with an sms from miss rachel saying that she would like to have me in her employment engagement team. she said she needs young creatives with fresh ideas on how to get more employees to participate in company activities. she got me at “young,” mahahaha! and so i said that i am in.

three days later, i found myself at the group’s meeting wherein the first item on the agenda was the decreasing number of participants in the bowling tournament. i didn’t have brilliant ideas on how to recruit more people but i know i can bring in more people—my research siblings! if i can get them to dance with me during zumba classes how hard can it be to make them knock pins down? but just to be sure, i enlisted the whole team (sans the boss) before they can even say no. sorry and thank you, my dearies!

unfortunately, i got sick on the opening day of the tournament and had to do with miss rachel’s live sms feed. she said they were having a lot of fun and that i should feel sorry to miss the free food, haha.

i was able to attend the second game. it was my first time to play ten-pin bowling.  i had duck-pin as p.e. in college and i had a rough time passing it!

kate had to miss the second game for her lolo’s funeral; while lawrence missed the third and all the other games after that because he went on a europe trip—alone or so he says.

the tournament ended last saturday and we didn’t rank; we were all the way at the bottom. but we surely had tons of fun. if there were a most cheerful and most lovable team awards we would have won those, haha.

but expect this scenario to change come next year’s tournament (not the cheerful and lovable part) because we will prove that practice makes perfect, chos!


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