11 years

june 14. because our wedding is happening in five months, we agreed to keep this year’s anniversary simple. after work, we headed to our favorite pizza restaurant—california pizza kitchen!

we tried roasted artichoke and spinach thin-crust pizza and we love it! we might have just found our new favorite pizza!

because our pizza didn’t have meat, we had chicken which we didn’t realize also comes with pasta.

not surprisingly, we didn’t finish everything. i had the leftovers for breakfast the following morning, hah!

funny story: the waiter, after seeing kim’s name on his credit card, asked me (kim went to the restroom) if kim was related to kim atienza (a.k.a. kuya kim). he said the resemblance was there, haha!

june 15. kim got me two pairs of sandals because he remembered how the straps of my sandals were broken just a day after i had them repaired. so sweet!

(by end-month, he has added a couple of dresses and tops to this loot! woohoo!)

on the other hand, i got him stuff that i know he needs: office pants, denim shorts, a white shirt, and a hat. let’s just say that i let him win in the gift-giving challenge this time, eh?

in between shopping gifts for each other, we had lunch at orchard road in sm megamall just because it reminded us of our singapore trip last year. we don’t have money to visit sg again this year, or to fly anywhere at all, so we just pretended we were in sg for an hour, haha!

june 16. after our company bowling game in sm mall of asia (more on this in another post), we headed to sm megamall and watched prometheus. i don’t know why some people did not like the movie but maybe we cannot be too disappointed because we watched it for free (c/o my research sibling marielle—thanks!).

afterwards, we had dinner at yabu the house of katsu. it lived up to it’s name because  the katsu we had there was definitely the best! everything we ordered—vegetarian katsu, chicken katsu, potato croquets, crab—were oishi!!!

overall, a fun weekend celebrating the old (11-year relationship) with new (wardrobe and foods)!

p.s. click here to watch our save-the-date video clip that we officially released on june 14, 2012. enjoy! ;)


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