a double date

june 1. kim and i have never been to a double date until this day. and we were very blessed to have our first one with the lovely couple ching and gail. being young and newly-weds, they are full of promise and inspiration—definitely a refreshing company!

i met ching in my previous work and later on was introduced to her then-boyfriend-now-husband, gail. i still remember how on ching’s first day at work, one of my first questions to her was that if she has a boyfriend and she said no. but only 10 days later, during an editorial meeting where she was formally introduced as a new member of the team, she was asked the same question and she said yes. how to win a guy in 10 days? haha! you may follow their love story here.

ching and gail have been married for more than a year now and they have just given birth to their new baby—foreveryday photography—a wedding photography business. gail is a talented photographer and i am saying this not just because ching is a friend of mine. go ahead and check his work for yourself. ching is an equally talented writer and now she also goes with gail to some of his shoots. you might have already guessed that we booked foreveryday photography as our official wedding photographer. it was the first supplier we booked because preserving our special day in still photos is one of our priorities.

so naturally this opportunity to have our first double date ever was also turned into a trial photoshoot or a fun-shoot as we fancy calling it. and we just love how the photos turned out that we have spent the rest of the month making teasers, collages, posters and videos with them! below are official photos from foreveryday photography—more here!

PROMO!!! want to have lovely photos by foreveryday photography for free? simply join the giveaway here! two engaged couples who are getting married on or before june 2013 will win an engagement shoot! and as if that’s not enough, the giveaway also comes with free hair styling and makeup! hurry because submission of entries is only until july 26, 2012!


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