little chef rajah

from the day my nephew started talking, he has been saying that he wants to be a chef when he grows up. we thought it was just one of those temporary childhood dreams but years passed and his love for cooking (and eating, haha) proved to be unfading.

i still remember how excited rajah was that day i brought home the single gas-burner i won at a raffle during an office christmas party in 2007. he thought it was a toy: “ninang, i like your pasalubong!” i let him play with it anyway, heh.

he was also very excited the first time he wore a chef’s outfit for their nutrition month celebration at school in 2009.

rajah is now 10 and an incoming grade 6 pupil this june. he has been thinking about his future. one day, out of the blue, he told me that he thinks his lola doesn’t want him to be a chef because she told him we can’t afford to send him to a culinary arts school.

to cheer him up for now—and as a gift for finishing grade 5 with first honors—i enrolled him to a one-day young chef’s cooking workshop at moderne culinaire academy in taguig last may 24. he learned how to make alfredo fettuccine, nachos, california maki, and cake pops.

i was not able to accompany him at the workshop because i had work, but his mommy and papa were there. my sister told me that rajah was the first one to finish kneading dough for the pasta. she was very proud because most of the other kids have already been to cooking workshops before; while rajah has no formal training.

i met up with rajah last saturday (for a meet-and-greet and book-stamping session with geronimo stilton—yes, also a bookworm!) and he told me he had fun during the workshop. he also said that everything he made tasted very good. that made me proud and happy, too.


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