so this is really is it

the idea that kim and i are getting married just became a bit more real to me after last saturday’s pamanhikan/bulungan. sure, we have been planning the wedding for months now but if we’d be technical about it, the real planning started just this may because we had to change the whole plan to accommodate my father’s wishes. but all is well in the end, and everyone got what each wanted (we booked the reception venue and our photographer before my father changes his mind, haha). the universe is really funny lovable that way sometimes. (salamat naman sa stress, universe; ibibigay mo din naman pala.)

pamanhikan/bulungan. saturday saw kim’s family visiting our house, primarily for our families to do a meet-and-greet sort of thing, and then discuss and agree on the wedding plans. kim went all too formal with his opening remarks, and even did a declaration of his intent to take my hand! to which my aunts and uncles gave the classic reply that he could take just my hand if that’s all he wants. that loosened kim a bit and then he haggled, “buo po! buo!”

as per tradition, kim’s family brought food, which was more than enough to share with the whole neighborhood, haha. the men, of course, had a drinking spree after the wedding planning proper.

this month is just being too eventful for me that i’m feeling excited and nervous at the same time. last night, i had my first wedding nightmare wherein: (1) the bridal car did not arrive; (2) our photographer forgot the wedding date: (3) i forgot to order the flowers; (4) kim is nowhere to be found; and (5) everyone is being so calm and cool and all, except me. >.<

and still, i can’t believe it—we’re getting married!!!


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