130 months

kim and i spent most of last saturday’s 130th-monthsary celebration in quezon city.

our first stop was the university of the philippines-diliman.

no overtaking; keep distance.

it was our first time to see the university avenue lined up with sunflowers.

hello, sunflowers! nice to meet you all!

some of the flowers were already wilting. i can’t blame them because it was so hot!

props up to the blooms that managed to stay pretty under this kind of weather!

hmmm… looks like someone loves sunflowers, too.

i also spotted these yellow grass-flowers nearby.

i want to take home one of these trees with pink flowers along the uni ave. but of course, i can’t.

for another first, we had lunch at the up shopping center’s rodic’s food express. we were impressed with the efficiency and accuracy of the staff’s order-taking skills. our tapsilog was also served almost immediately. and when we ordered for a bottle of pepsi max, it automatically came with two glasses with ice.

after lunch, we decided to say our prayers at the up chapel. the altar was being prepped up for a wedding when we arrived.

it was kim’s first time there; while i regularly stopped by for divine intervention before an exam when i was still in college. oh, i miss my up days… this part of the academic oval leads to the masscom building, hohummm…

it was getting hotter by the second so we agreed to skip waiting for mang larry’s isaw (sad face) and just go somewhere air-conditioned. we headed to the up-ayala technohub (also our first time there together) to have halu-halo at razon’s.

there’s not much to do there so we decided to go to sm north. we just window-shopped from the main building to the annex to the block (i ended buying a pair of board shorts at the surplus shop, though). we had merienda at kfc and monthsary-dinner at sakae sushi.

on our way home, we stopped by rustan’s glorietta where kim bought me this black hello kitty bag with pink bow that matches my iphone case, sweet!

to cap off our day, we shared a cup of dark chocolate frappe at caffe ti-amo in greenbelt 5.


me? *blushes*


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