my holy week 2012

maundy thursday. went on a day-trip to puerto del sol beach and hotel resort in bolinao, pangasinan with my research siblings and some friends (plus kim). fifteen hours on the road and six hours on the beach, y’all! more photos and stories on this trip here, here, here and here

good friday. still tired from the bolinao day-trip, kim and i had to postpone our annual mt makulot early-morning climb to after lunchtime. but we discovered the trip up and down the mountain was easier/faster in the afternoon because there are fewer hikers so next year we plan to start climbing even later in the afternoon.

black saturday. went to a secluded beach in calatagan with my siblings, nephew, nieces, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and kim. more photos of the beach and some notes on this trip here

easter sunday. my mom already took care of cleaning my room, yay! so i just had to organize my cabinet first thing in the morning! after that, my nephew and i wrapped lumpiang shanghai for next day’s fiesta! rajah gave up halfway through. i told him he has to be more patient if he really wants to be a chef, heh. it took me almost three hours to have all that meat wrapped up! 

rajah and i tagged along to kim’s family outing at a pool resort later in the afternoon. but kim and i did not swim; we just watched over my godson niño and rajah. 

hope you all had a blessed and relaxing holy week!


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