waking up to a broken heart

at around six o’clock this morning, i was awaken by a phone call from my nephew, “ninang, i have a bad news… a really sad news.” he kept on repeating this line before finally telling me what the very bad and sad news was—he woke up and found his pet rabbit snowball, which was a gift from me, dead.

it really breaks my heart because i became instantly attached to snowball the moment i bought it for my nephew; i have regarded her as my pet, too. technically, snowball is rajah’s first pet and i can’t be there to comfort him. he told me they would be burying her right away.

these photos were taken the day we got snowball.
i remember rajah, upon seeing a “rabbits for sale” sign, kept whispering to me: papayag kaya si lola? sana bilhan ako ni lola… i told him to ask my mom (his lola) for permission and that if she agrees i would buy one for him.

“please, lola? please…” and after we both convinced my mom, we immediately trooped to the little house with the sign. snowball was the only one left for sale and she was originally reserved for somebody else. we waited to confirm if the person snowball was reserved for still intends to buy her. it took a while but it was worth the wait because we ended taking snowball home with us. rajah was so happy and excited about having a pet at home.

oh, snowball, even for just 32 days, you gave us so much fun and happiness. you will be missed. stay cute and playful in rabbit heaven. we love you.


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