short up trip (in photos)

march 2. it was my first time to go to up diliman with my evil camera but i went home with just a couple of shots because i was too excited about eating mang larry’s isaw after almost a year! well, we were there for about two hours only. i hope to find time to visit again next month in time for the “up sunflower season.”

my first subject was this tree near mang larry’s new location—in between the college of law and the arcade center:

kim standing in queue: 

while waiting for our isaw,

i spotted a busy bee nearby:

tree lovin’ along the academic oval:

we walked from mang larry’s to sunken garden with our isaw (forgot to take photos before eating all of them, hahaha! i have one photo using my iphone.) and fruit shakes (avocado for me and melon for kim):

i was here…

our feet watching a football game:

i call this shot “a dead bug’s view” (taken while lying on the grass).

summer is coming…

p.s. i wore my tambay shirt (thanks, gerlie!) for the first time for this trip. too bad i wasn’t able to camwhore that much during our stay, haha.


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