february lovin’

aside from february being the month of love love love and more love, i love february because it’s my birth month! this year, my february was extra special not just because it has 29 days but because of the new memories made and prayers answered. i felt so loved and blessed now more than ever. here’s to love, happiness and dreams coming true. <3

february 2. i had a pre-birthday pizza party in the office with my research siblings. i asked them to wear pink and diy their own crowns. photo art below by one of my research siblings, marielle.

february 3. i planned to pamper myself the whole day (haircut, manipedi, brow construction and dental cleaning) but i preferred to stay in for the morning. i just replied to birthday greetings in between doing my pile of laundry, heh.

after lunch, i went to the post office to pick up this package of cuteness. it was a very happy coincidence that these arrived in time for my birthday. thank you, universe! 

and then i had dinner with kim at t.g.i.friday’s.

kim also got me a satchel for my birthday—one item off my wish list, yay!

february 5. birthday celebration at home with family and old friends. i was really happy my whole family and my elementary and high school friends made it to my house party, yey! and super thanks to my super mom for helping prepare most of the food. she was up by 5 a.m. already so by night time her legs are feeling sore already. 

february 11. i had five of my dearies (best college friends cy, ice and kate + drea, and kim) over at my rented unit for a small housewarming party. 

i bought metallic masks, made pinwheels out of colorful origami paper, and taped colorful balloons with curled ribbon strings to the ceiling (which were inflated with air from kim’s very own lungs, haha!). 

for dinner, i cooked pasta with white sauce; while kim helped me deep fried chicken fingers. i made my favorite spinach dip for the chicken; while kim made his favorite dip as well—spicy barbecue. 

i toasted garlic bread bites, which also served as my birthday cake with a little help from the candles that spelled out “happy birthday.” 

we spent the rest of the night playing boutique piling (a variation of jenga) and pictionary mania (thanks, drea!). and then to cap off the night, my friends made me open their gifts to me. i got an accessories organizer (from cy), sewing supplies organizer (from ice), and an alice hoffman book, a book on appliques and a pad of stick-on notes (from kate and drea).

love this photo series of me and kim <3 (p.s. he got me a full-length mirror—another item off my wish list, yay!)

more stories and photos here and here care of cy and kate, respectively.

february 14. it was not just another heart’s day for me and kim; it was also our 128th monthsary! our morning started with slow dancing and crazy singing along to old-school love songs via a local radio station, haha.

later in the afternoon, he sent me an sms asking me to meet him at my office’s lobby. he surprised me with a bouquet of pink roses, which was too big—they always are—

and a heart-shaped box filled with chocolates.

i felt like we were high school students again and he was back to courting me, hihi.

he came back and picked me up after my shift and we shared a lovely night walk to our favorite bonchon chicken store at greenbelt 1! 

we had two orders of the sandwich and fries meal and an extra order of rice. the sandwich has two chops each and we separate one chop each and eat them with the extra rice, yum. 

i went home feeling like a 17-year-old girl again. 

february 15. for our heart’s date part two, we had merienda 

and desserts 

at gelatone in greenbelt 3 before watching “unofficially yours.” 

february 17. i hosted another housewarming party. who says housewarmings should be done only once, huh? this time i had a group of eight come over. 

for the decors, i made banners and mini-books out of book pages. i stacked my haruki murakami collection and made it an accent for my improvised photo booth. i also asked my bff jeng to make paper cranes and chain links.

kim helped me out with the balloons (all white) again, hehe. 

i prepared pesto pasta, chicken fingers with spinach dip, potato salad and egg sandwich bites. my friends brought chocolate cake, yay! one friend brought homemade dip and crackers; another brought my favorite potato chips! 

we had fun playing jenga that involved unexpected trash-talking, haha! super fun night! i would do this every friday if i could! 

oh and they got me two books from my wish list, yay! thank you, girls! 

read my friend ching’s blog entry about this wonderfun night here. thanks, chingching!

february 18. i attended my nephew’s family day as the sub-mommy, haha. i got a silver medal for the 100m dash! 

i also ended buying a bunny for my nephew. he named her snowball for obvious reasons. now he’s been trying to make me buy a male one. he plans to name him jumpy.

february 24. finally, a beach trip! went on a road trip to the beach with kim. we ended spending the day at virgin beach resort in laiya, san juan, batangas.

there was only one family checked in that day so we almost had the resort to ourselves, so fun! 

more on this trip on our travel blog soon, promise!

february 26. after high school intramurals, i finally got to play basketball again! thanks to college friends kate and jaycee for organizing! go, mayumi heat! 

more photos for facebook friends here.


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