i’ve been busy

…completing my project morning person. they say it only takes 21 days to break an old habit or make a new one. and today is day 21—success! to keep track of this project, i willed myself to find something interesting about my morning to take a snapshot of between 7am and 8am using my iphone. check out my morning uploads from january 10 to 30 here.

…reading other people’s letters.

…taking at least one photo every day using my evil camera for my photography blog. i’ve been shooting mostly at night after work and i haven’t been going out the past days so please excuse me for having limited subjects to photograph, heh.

…catching up with my tv series: the vampire diaries, the secret circle, revenge, pretty little liars, the lying game, gossip girl, the big bang theory, modern family, once upon a time, grimm and one tree hill.

…procrastinating about watching the series finale of chuck. but i finally gave in last night due primarily to tumblr-gif spoilers. it breaks my heart to say goodbye, chuck. nerd herd for life! (p.s. i am still wishful thinking that there’s a joke somewhere. like it’s just goodbye for now. and then next season it would be called chuck and sarah. or the bartowskis. anything. sigh.)

…crushing on lee min ho via city hunter, haha!

…planning my birthday celebrations. and pretending i could surprise myself, haha! it’s just that i don’t know many people who can pull out surprises for me. i am the one who usually makes surprises.

…and writing about my everyday life (i.e. what i did or ate the whole day, haha) in my hello kitty journal.


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