seven days

once upon a time, i just had this crazy idea: why not become a morning person? and today, i am happy to announce that for seven days now i have been waking up at seven in the morning, y’all! which also means that i haven’t been using my phone’s snooze alarm function for seven days! imagine that!

i’ve never felt this excited about waking up early in the morning before. i’ve been looking forward to opening one of my windows (yes, just one. to avoid the whole neighborhood from seeing my morning look, haha!) to feel the cool morning breeze and to catch a glimpse of the sun emerging from behind buildings. at around 8 a.m., the sun’s rays would be too hot, overpowering the cool wind, so i have to close my window and untie my curtains before i have breakfast.

in between making breakfast, i get to continue reading the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society by mary ann shaffer and annie barrows. it was a perfect coincidence—my project morning person and my current read. the book is practically a novel in letters so the thought of opening and reading other people’s letters in the morning makes me giddy, hihi.

i would also like to note that i have been eating real breakfast for four days now. and by real i mean not my usual bread pan and instant coffee, heh.

i guess i am really becoming a morning person, at least for now. i’ve been less sleepy during the day the past seven days (well, except yesterday, due to a terrible headache, which i guess is due to not wearing my eyeglasses the whole weekend) probably because i’ve been getting enough sleep as i’ve been trying to be in bed by midnight, too.

i am just so proud of myself.


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