hello, 2012!

what better way to welcome a new year than with food shared with my family. i put much effort to complete 12 fruits for the centerpiece. we also had spaghetti, baked mac, pork barbecue, hotdogs, ham, marshmallows and queso de bola for our media noche, among others. 

for lunch, we joined the whole mercado clan for our annual family reunion. food, gifts, raffle, monopoly games and family photos = fun fun fun <3

other stuff i did to welcome 2012:

  • mission 2011 checklist – i accomplished only two of my nine missions but i don’t feel disappointed because those two  missions are major ones: saw philippine eagles in davao (also it was my first time in mindanao!) and finished reading not five but nine books! i must admit i was sad about not spending autumn in seoul last november but our nine-day stay in singapore last september more than made up for it.
  • random resolutions 2011/2012 – i did well on my 2011 resolutions (nine out of 10) and i’m excited about the resolutions i got for this year.
  • mission 2012 – so far, i have eight missions. but i might be adding new ones every time i feel like it.
  • project 366 – i haven’t played with my evil camera since i got it last september. so i vowed to use it more often and take at least one photo every day this year, without using automatic modes and then posting the unedited images.

so, how did you start your 2012?


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