random resolutions 2011/2012

aside from my self-imposed annual missions (active missions can be found here), i also generate 10 random resolutions every year since 2010.

so, last year (2011):
1. i cared deeply. truly, madly, deeply. i think i cared too much.
2. i did not jog. every thursday night, kim and i would always plan to go jogging together on friday morning but we never did, haha!
3. i snapped my fingers. i might have done this a couple of times, y’know? *snap, snap* but i remember this one time that i snapped my fingers just to make sure i could tick this mission off this list by year-end, hehe. kim was my witness.
4. i forgave her. i’ve been over what happened many years ago. but last year, i tested myself and i have confirmed that i really have forgiven her. but certainly, i will never forget.
5. i danced. i danced with kim. i danced by myself. i even attended a kpop dance class and wth i definitely danced during the company anniversary party, hah!
6. i watched the sunset. i did this many times, and most of the time with kim. (we also spent a lot of our time gazing up the moon and the stars this year.)
7. i threw a dinner party. nothing grand. but i did host our new year’s eve family dinner. oh, and that little barbecue party with my family for my birthday also counts, right?
8. i was fearless. yeah, in a storm in my best dress.
9. i fell in love. again and again and again. with the same person, of course! so cheesy, haha!
10. i was brave. as piglet would say, it’s hard to be brave when you are a tiny person. but i have to be brave. we all have to. for our ourselves and for the people dear to us.

and now for this year (2012), i will:
1. play.
2. be honest.
3. live life to the fullest.
4. trust my instincts.
5. take risks.
6. be positive.
7. smell the roses.
8. inspire.
9. dress up.
10. touch my toes.

wish me luck!


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