annual mission checklist

mission 2011:

x – update almi+kim scrapbook – at least up to 2010 (i did update but i’m still not done with 2010 photos.)

√ – see a philippine eagle in davao (saw lots of them at the philippine eagle center in october.)

x – spend autumn in south korea (plan was aborted in november. but i was still able to go out of the country in september. check out my impromptu getaway to singapore with the boyfriend <3)

x – maintain my 23-inch waistline (i ended the year with a 24-inch waistline. i’ve probably gained that extra inch from all the food and drinks consumed during the holidays!)

x – limit shopping fund to p10,000 (since april 2011)

x – watch at least one play (the ones i was interested in were on during my work shift.)

√ – finish reading at least five books (closed my fifth book in july; i finished reading nine books this year: alice hoffman’s turtle moon, elizabeth berg’s the year of pleasures and the art of mending, neil gaiman’s fragile things, haruki murakami’s the wind-up bird chronicle, bob ong’s ang mga kaibigan ni mama susan, pam pastor’s paper cuts, jeanette winterson’s the stone gods and banana yoshimoto’s hardboiled and hard luck.)

x – learn a more challenging violin piece (i wasn’t able to buy my own violin and take lessons.)

x – complete a project 365 (i stopped after finally getting an evil camera in september. i will be starting another project in my new photography blog today.)


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