’twas the season

december 7. i met up with the bookswap group but not for exchanging books. we called this night a “chismiswap.”

december 9. this is one of my favorite dates ever! forever equating this day to the company anniversary party, which always means lots of food, photo booth moments, bands (barbie two years in a row!), raffle (i hope to win someday), dancing and the after-party.

this year was extra awesome as i was introduced to the many colors of the rainbow of party fuel cocktails. certified perfect fuel for party people! thanks to kate for this awesome discovery!

december 10. i went videokeing with my college blocmates at music match, tomas morato, quezon city. we all learned how to dougie, hahaha!

december 14. kim and i celebrated our 126th monthsary by watching the symphony of lights at the ayala triangle. we had dinner at bonchon chicken in greenbelt 1 after because there were no available seats at the ayala triangle store.

december 15. schatzi’s mom gave us a christmas-tree gingerbread so we thought of doing our christmas photo shoot with it. 

december 18. we went to nuvali for my nephew’s 10th birthday celebration. we had late lunch at uncle cheffy’s, fed fish and then went on a boat ride.

december 20. we had what most people in the office call the make-your-own-editorial party. we shared a simple buffet dinner and then the usual raffle draw was made into a fundraiser for the victims of tropical storm sendong. after that, everybody was off to their own mini editorial parties.

december 21. the research department had a simple christmas party/send-off party for miss medy at the library.

december 22. i attended the inquirer libre’s christmas party with my research siblings. super win this improvised photo booth by ritchie. kinabog yung photo wall namin sa research, haha!

december 25. i was very happy to be home for christmas. thanks to kim for picking me up from work at 6pm. i was home before 8pm so i was able to attend misa de gallo with my parents and nephew.

the following morning, we exchanged gifts. aside from our staple gifts for each other, we also do monito-monita so gifts galore talaga kahit simple lang.

after opening our gifts, we all wore my sister’s gift for all of us—matching purple shirts—and took our annual family photo.

for lunch, we went to san jose—my father’s hometown—to visit our relatives there.

after lunch, it was time for me to go to work. thanks to kate and schatzi for their noche buena sampler, my tummy was kept full the entire shift. 

after work, kim and i went to a nearby mcdonald’s for late-night merienda. we also opened and wore our gifts for each other—new matching chucks. kim also got me a sewing supplies set (basic threads in various colors, thimble, measure tape and needles in various sizes).

december 26. i renewed my contract with globe and kim got me a 32gb iphone 4s. he’s been wanting to buy me one and we’ve been trying to get a hold of a white version since december 23 but to no avail. we “settled” for the black version and just hoping to get a white iphone 5 in the future, mahahaha!

december 29 – 30. went on an impromptu beach trip with my brother, niece and sister-in-law. just how unplanned this trip was? i didn’t even have my swimwear with me, haha! i enjoyed taking photos of my niece having fun in the water.

december 30. had lunch at a town fiesta (i forgot to take a photo) and then met up with some high school friends in the afternoon.

i also attended an elementary class get-together in the evening. it was fun catching up with my classmates again.

oh, i cut my niece’s hair earlier that day, by the way, heh.

kim also cut my bangs while he got a new hairdo care of gq in sm city lipa. (photo below was taken the following day, though.) 

december 31. kim got me a red shirt for new year, sweet! he also bought me california maki for merienda, yay! 

after that, he accompanied me to the supermarket. i went on a last-minute shopping for media noche, as always. 

more photos for my facebook friends here.


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