two monthsaries

11.14.11. there is a newly-opened shakey’s store near my office so kim and i decided to have our 125th-monthsary dinner there. we were in the waiting list for about 20 minutes because we wanted booth seats. we didn’t mind.

there was another 15-minute wait before our orders started coming in. our fried chickens and mojos were served first and then the pizza followed. but kim had wanted the pizza to be served first. also, a waiter kept bringing us the wrong food before we were served what we ordered. maybe the waiters are all new; it’s a new store after all. so we were able to look pass this.

what started irritating me was that we were almost halfway through with our food and our pitcher of iced tea didn’t arrived until after following up with at least four waiters. and then we asked for ice because the iced tea was not cold enough. after at least five requests, we were give two glasses with three and two ice cubes each respectively. wth?! but kim was able to calm me down. we were not in a hurry after all.

and then came billing out and taking out the half of our pizza that was left. you bet, the billing out part was such a breeze. and then we were left to wait for our take-out and was given a survey form while waiting. for service, we ticked on 3, which kim said was still kind of us. but after 20 minutes, we were still waiting for our take-out so we changed our rating to -2. i stopped counting how many times we followed up our take-out but on kim’s last try, the manager might have noticed we were no longer as happy when we came in. she gave us a whole box of pizza and apologized for all the inconvenience. kim was such a kid because after that he was already beaming upon exit: hayaan mo na, nakalibre naman tayo ng pizza. happy monthsary!

plus, all the waiting time gave us an opportunity to do some planning and a lot of camwhoring. 

btw, last month’s celebration was at sakae sushi in sm mall of asia with my nephew and mom, heh. i just realized i didn’t blog about it so let me leave this here, too.


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