i was smarter than a fifth grader

this morning, i was awaken by a phone call from my mom asking for help on my nephew’s grade-5 math problems. she started our conversation with “what’s two-thirds of 21?” she almost lost me at two-thirds and in my head, i was like “really, mom? what time is it anyway?” but outside my head, there i was, still lying in my bed with my eyes closed and speaking tongues, “divide 21 by 3 and then multiply the answer by 2 so the final answer is 14.” and then she said, “so four-ninths of 45 is 45 divided by 9 is 5 times 4 equals 20.” i was glad the phone call was done in 60 seconds.

i was able to check the time only after hanging up. 6:06 a.m. but i still haven’t put my phone under my pillow when my mom called again. and this time she read word problems involving fractions. you know what that means? i need to concentrate! which fraction is bigger? what’s being asked for? how to solve it? waaah!!! it’s only six in the morning! by then, i was so awake, alive and definitely not enthusiastic.

after hanging up again i was already frustrated because i can’t get myself back to sleep anymore. but a tiny part of me felt accomplished because i got to be smarter than a fifth grader even for only a few minutes, hah! i love math! chos!


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