when i was a kid, i would always wish for a barbie doll for christmas. but i never got one. there was this one christmas when i caught one of my uncles putting a cheap plastic barbie wanna-be in my christmas sock.

the closest i got to a barbie doll was betty. i got her as a present from one of my aunts for my 7th birthday. i was happy to have her because not only does she have movable hands and feet; her elbows and knees are bendable too.

the following christmases after getting betty, i stopped wishing for a barbie doll and instead wished for new clothes and accessories, a dollhouse and other whatnots for betty. i never got any and soon after i’ve outgrown betty.

some years ago, while cleaning my room, i found betty again. she was barefoot and her clothes and hat have already aged. i remembered how i wanted to change her clothes when i was a kid. i threw away her old clothes and made a mental note of buying her new clothes on my next mall trip. but i always forget to do just that.

and then two weeks ago, i saw betty again. naked and tucked away behind my closet in the province. i imagine my kid self crying. so i brought betty with me here in makati and last friday, i finally got to sit down with my sewing machine to create something for her, making betty my first client, haha.

using scrap fabric from an old shirt of mine, i made her a halter dress and a pixie hat (her hair bulges due to years of being inside her old hat). i also wrapped her feet with fabric strips. that’s all i can do for now. i’ll come up with something more fabulous next time.


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