this year’s well-anticipated magandang gabi bayan (mgb) halloween special’s comeback dubbed “kababalaghan” was aired last night at around 10:45 pm and lasted for i think almost two hours. i lost track of time but it was looooong!

i used to watch mgb halloween specials with my brother, who was the only person in our house other than me who is into horror stuff. but this year, i had to watch it alone because my brother now lives a city away from ours. and it wasn’t really the same watching it alone!

nevertheless, i still went through the experience from beginning to end. i just can’t let go of this tradition!

my first reaction was “wow, iba na ang texture!” i’m no expert but ibang level talaga yung cinematography! kumbaga, pang-movie na yung dating! i also loved the creepy shots of kabayan while narrating, hah! the first and last segments on a haunted house and a boy with an evil imaginary friend, respectively, were my favorites. while i find the segments in between, which mostly tackled possession and exorcism, a bit boring. although there was also a short segment on witchcraft that could have been promising if it were stretched.

i missed the old-school stories on ghosts and other elementals, particularly the accounts on white ladies and elves/dwarves (especially the ones living in guava trees because we used to have a guava tree in our front yard when i was younger).

but these shortcomings were trumped by how much i missed this show! i can’t wait for next year’s special already. i just hope there would at least be one re-enactment with lilia cuntapay in it, preferably in a manananggal role, haha!

so, were you an mgb halloween special fan? did you watch kababalaghan last night? any thoughts?


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