since i got this pink sewing machine from kim, i’ve been thinking about buying supplies to kick off my sewing projects. this is how i want my sewing corner to look like. sweet, huh?

i don’t have formal training on sewing but i’ve always been fond of doing basic repairs on my clothes and bags by hand (e.g. torn seams, holes on pockets or elsewhere, broken zippers, missing buttons, etc.).

so, anyway, here’s a list of essential sewing supplies that i found in the internet (in no particular order):

1. fabric (duh?)

2. pins and cushion

3. extra needles

4. thimble

5. thread (another duh? haha!)

6. extra bobbins

7. sewing gauge

8. seam ripper

9. rotary cutter

10. fabric scissors

11. tape measure

12. rotary ruler

13. self-healing mat

14. fabric markers

15. zippers

16. pinking shears

17. safety pins

18. mini scissors

19. iron

20. pattern paper

any other suggestions?


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