turning japanese

i have been craving for japanese food (of the non-sashimi kind, hehe) after being peer pressured into dining at sakae sushi by some friends while vacationing in singapore (right, i wasn’t even in japan!).

i was surprised how i enjoyed eating a variety of rice rolled with i-don’t-exactly-know-what. you see, i’m a picky eater and usually stay away from food i am not familiar with because i have a sensitive stomach. but, yeah, friendship wins. and i also win because i ended loving everything (well, except the sashimi)!

so the first thing i did when i got home from singapore was to treat my sushi-loving nephew to a japanese dinner at tokyo tokyo. i remember how he couldn’t believe that i don’t like sushi and prawns the first time he asked me. and that night he was also in disbelief as he watched me eat california maki and tempura with him.

i know this is also good news to my friends as our restaurant options when going out have just expanded, hehe.


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