r.i.p. steve jobs

my first apple product is an ipod mini and i didn’t even buy it for myself. it was a college graduation gift from my boyfriend. i didn’t think i need it but it is pink so i naturally fell in love with it at first sight. after only one week of using it, i wondered: where has this product been all along? why did i learn about it only now? if i had this during that time i was working with our college thesis, library work would have been more bearable. (well, i know why i didn’t know about it. it was because i wasn’t that into gadgets then. because i couldn’t possibly afford them, haha!)

my next apple product is a white iphone 3g which was also a gift from my boyfriend, this time for my birthday. i wasn’t happy about it at first. i don’t need an expensive phone. for one month, i did nothing with it. but when i started downloading applications from itunes (due to my overly-excited officemates’ demands), my iphone instantly became my best friend. and my life was forever changed. now i need to constantly remind myself that not all screens are touch activated, haha!

and since then, i would find myself joking i would get an iphone 5 one day just because it sounded so futuristic. i kept imagining what awesome features it would have. everything is possible because behind it is the steve jobs!

last tuesday, when news of the iphone 4s came out (instead of the futuristic iphone 5 that has been in my wish list for almost three years now) i was torn. should i buy one or wait for an iphone 5? but what if steve jobs won’t be involved in the workings of the iphone 5? it just wouldn’t be the same.

when the ipad came out, i didn’t understand why everybody wants to have one until last night. lying in bed and having difficulty falling asleep, it suddenly hit me, i want an ipad for sleepless nights like this.

and then this morning, i woke up to the news (via facebook for iphone) that mr jobs passed away at 56.

i freak myself out sometimes.

thank you, steve jobs. you will be remembered for being a genius and an inspiration. i might be getting an iphone 4s and an ipad 2 for christmas after all. *crosses fingers*


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