two weeks

so, i just realized that it’s been two weeks since my near-death experience (just my point of view, you’ll know more about it later) at makati medical center’s emergency room. for starters, here, have a picture:
august 18, thursday. my tummy has already been acting up the night before and if i weren’t so hard-headed, kim would have brought me to the hospital then. but i just decided to bear the pain until it *hopefully* gets better. i was optimistic, okay? and i think it did get better because i eventually fell asleep.

the next day, i was feeling just a bit of pain and i just ignored it because didn’t want to miss work. i don’t know when i started being this *dedicated* to work, chos. by lunchtime, i knew i’ve made a mistake of not seeing the doctor sooner. i started to have major stomach cramps and it got worse by the minute.

i wanted to be rushed to the hospital right away but i had no one to accompany me. kim was with his family at sm mall of asia that day and i didn’t want to spoil his moment with them. as earlier planned, he would pick me up after work so i just tried to ignore the pain and waited for him. in times like this, i am always reminded that in the end i only have myself to rely on.

so i waited. and by the time i was off from work, i could barely walk. i couldn’t even stand upright. of course, he scolded me for not letting him take me to the hospital the night before. we hailed a taxi and god was so good to have blessed us with a kind driver. he understood that we were in a hurry and took a shortcut. i was also touched that he seemed concerned about my situation. he asked what i was feeling and tried to diagnose what i could be suffering from. well, i guess he shouldn’t be diagnosing my symptoms but the concern was there. i felt it. he was like a father worrying about her daughter. thank god for angels in disguise.

so, anyway, we reached the er in the soonest time possible, around 7:30 p.m., considering the traffic. but i felt like it was still a long ride due to my condition. the admitting nurse was not very friendly. she scolded me for (1) not seeking medical help asap and (2) taking medication without prescription. i know what i did was wrong but she should have been a bit caring like that attending nurse who kept saying sorry to me like it was her fault that i was sick.

sitting at the waiting area for my name to be called, i was really in major major *physical* pain, like one that i have never felt in my entire life. and i was disappointed on how they handled my case. i understood that the service there wasn’t a first-come, first-served basis but i just couldn’t understand how all the other patients’ condition who was called before me was more urgent than mine. there i was, sitting uncomfortably on a hard chair while those being called can even laugh with their companions and stride when their names were called. i wasn’t even offered a wheelchair. maybe i was acting too strong, like i can bear whatever i was feeling?

after an hour, i was finally called for consultation. i was so relieved when i was offered a bed only to be disappointed to be sent to the waiting area again after the doctor evaluated my condition. it took another hour for my name to be called; i was given two injections, after which, i was sent to the waiting area again. minutes later, i felt nauseated and ran to an open toilet being cleaned by a janitor. i wanted to vomit but nothing came out.

when i returned to the seats, i really couldn’t stand the pain anymore that i just laid on the first empty bed i saw nearby. thankfully, the nurses and the doctors did not ask me to get up. i don’t understand why they didn’t offer me a bed in the first place, hmpft.

by this time, i was already wondering if i was dying because the pain is not going away–it is even getting worse. i was already thanking kim for being there and he was getting mad about it, heh. (but i really wondered, what could have happened to me if he wasn’t around? what would i do if i get sick while he is far away?) i was also feeling cold already but the nurse said i don’t have a fever. i was shaking while lying there, which frightened kim. i was given another injection and an oral medicine. and the caring nurse i was talking about earlier gave me a blanket.

another hour went by and my condition wasn’t improving so the doctor decided to give me another injection to fight the pain. after 30 minutes, a nurse took three vials of my blood for testing.

after another hour, the pain finally started to subside. and by 12:30 a.m. it was already negligible. the blood tests were all negative for everything worse the doctor was suspecting so by 1 a.m. i was discharged with a diagnosis of gastritis. and my medicard payed for all the expenses.

but oh my, the prescribed medicines were expensive! i spent around php2,000 and i already bought the generics, huh! yung sakit sa tyan ko nalipat sa bulsa, haha!

so, for two weeks now, i’ve been a good girl–eating meals and taking my medicines on time. staying away from spicy, acidic and fatty food, alcoholic and acidic beverages, sodas, chocolates, coffee, tea, milk and milk products. and managing stress appropriately. (the doctor also said i can’t take antibiotics and pain killers so i also spent a week trying to live harmoniously with sore throat, cough, colds and occasional headaches. also imagine that day i had to bear with cramps due to dysmenorrhea. was i that sinful to deserve these sufferings???)

i should be seeing a gastroenterologist soon as per the resident doctor at the er’s advise. please pray that it would not be anything serious.

i have been noticing weird things about myself since the er incident but i hope it’s just me being paranoid. i’ll give you one example. i have a very sharp memory. sure, i do forget some little things sometimes but i’ve been forgetting a lot recently. the whole day after i was discharged, i kept forgetting where i put my phone and i always felt like i lost it or got pick-pocketed but all those times it was inside one of my pockets. and then one time, i left it at home when i went to work.

over the weekend immediately following the er incident, i kept coming back to the mall to buy some things but each time i ended going home with stuff i don’t intend to buy and forgetting not one but all that i needed to buy. come monday, i forgot to pay my credit card bill.

could my forgetfulness be a side effect of my medication? or maybe i’m just really getting old.


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