122nd monthsary

august 14. kim was on leave so he picked me up from work and then we headed to our favorite pizza place–california pizza kitchen. on our way there, he slipped a folded piece of paper into my bag and it was the first thing i checked when we reached our destination.

ahwww… <3

it was late already so there were no other guests when we got to the glorietta branch. it felt like we had the whole place reserved. at one point, “power of two” was playing in the background while we were eating, sweet. <3

it was a little pass 10 p.m. (and we were halfway through with our food) when four guests came in and occupied the table near one of the televisions which was tuned in to “magandang gabi vice.” we couldn’t help but watch too and we found ourselves laughing with them from four tables away, haha.

a woman also came in and sat two tables from ours. she was alone and asked for a shot of vodka on the rocks. it made me imagine myself being alone and living in a foreign land. i don’t know why that woman was alone but imagining myself in her place made me sad that kim had to comfort me that i will never be alone.

anyway, we had thai chicken satay and white pizza (and iced tea, which worsened my sore throat).


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