best day ever

today is our 121st monthsary. we already had an early celebration last weekend but we still went on a quick dinner date to do our 7:38 p.m. photo tradition <3

i was really in a good mood so i let him kiss me (chos!), haha. it’s just that earlier, the up men’s basketball team won against ue in it’s first game for this uaap season. it’s the maroons’ first win since 2009 so i know my fellow iskos and iskas are grinning until now like we are the champions already.

another source of good vibes is the second movie installment of harry potter and the deathly hallows that opens today. we are set to watch on the 20th and i am already too excited.

also, today, it’s been one month since the proposal <3

so, obviously, this is such a special day and for that we decided to have cheese on our burgers, hahaha!

ohlala, to the best days ever <3


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