early monthsary celebration

kim and i decided to celebrate our 121st monthsary early because we will not be having a common day off next week. we were supposed to kick-off our celebration by using my movie passes at gateway cineplex on thursday after work but i was not feeling well then so the plan did not push through. we decided to just catch the eiga sai (japanese film fest) at shangri-la on friday, which was also free.

but first, we had lunch at tokyo tokyo for a more japanese feel, hehe.
we had the tonkatsu meal (na ang mahal na pala!).

the movie we saw was titled “your friend.” it was two hours long and some might say it can be shortened for a movie with a simple plot about friendship. but i think the movie did its work for me because it was very honest. it had a mix of long shots and close ups and isn’t life just like that? we experience moments either from afar or within our arms. and then at times, in the movie, the screen lingers on one scene for most might say too long and all that happens in the end was the little girl sobs. but life is like that, too, there are pauses and awkward moments and delayed reactions.

after the movie, we were supposed to head to megamall but i was still not at my best which discouraged us from walking. we just went back to makati. we dropped by forever 21 to spend my remaining sodexo premium gift passes and then had dinner at bonchon in greenbelt 1.

kim tried the chicken drumsticks,

while i had my usual chicken sandwich meal.

saturday morning was spent watching “the last song” (i cried) and half of “never let me go” (kim got bored), hahaha. after lunch, kim suggested we go to sm mall of asia to see the fireworks later that night.

we had dinner at bistro ravioli just because we haven’t tried eating there and we love raviolis and there were only a few people when we got there (but by the time we were about to leave, we noticed almost all tables were occupied already). there was a mall-wide sale so all stores and restaurants were full and i was not at my best mood to try and be patient, hehe.

we tried the spinach and feta cheese ravioli,

12-inch margherita pizza,

and diablo chicken.

everything was good! and reasonably priced. our bill was around p800 only.

on our way to see the pyromusical show, we passed by selecta’s kid’s universe and we thought of taking pictures first because we still have 30 minutes to kill before the fireworks display starts.

the fireworks display that night had the transformers theme song as background music. the kids were all squeaking, haha.

it was raining and i ended buying this pretty floral duo automatic umbrella from fibrella.


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