nanay lipa

a family reunion is not complete without the ceremonial viewing of old photo albums. it is always heartwarming to look at photos of when we were younger and then, of course, there are these pinches here in there when remembering those who passed away.

our reunion last weekendended at tita gem’s house, where my balikbayan tita tata and her family are staying while in the philippines. most of the family albums from our grandmother’s old house were there and my cousins and i ended up browsing through them as if it was our first time to see the photos.

i borrowed some of the photos of our nanay from my cousin kyle’s (tita gem’s only son) baby albums. he was the last grandchild our nanay was able to take care of. she passed away when kyle was two, i think. these photos made me miss her and the old house.

nanay, i wish you were there with us last saturday. as in there with us physically and not just in spirit or in our memories. i can almost imagine you happily dancing with your children like we owned that resort; while your grandchildren are laughing all along. and how you are excitedly exchanging stories about that wonderful day to your great grandchildren (you now have two, both courtesy of my siblings) the day after.


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