a christmasy summery saturday

july 2. one of my aunts came home from the us with her husband and my cousin (their only daughter) last tuesday. they will be staying here for a month. the last time they came home was six years ago. my cousin was only three years old then, and now she is 10 and stands 5’3″ tall. wow!

my aunt and my cousin in matching bathing suits:

so, anyway, as a welcome party of sorts, my aunt’s siblings (my mom included) planned a family reunion at the nearby el madero farm and resort. it was a sunny day so that was really something to be thankful about.

it was a very emotional day for all of us there (and even for those abroad and the others who couldn’t make it to the venue for their own reasons who had to do with “liking” and leaving comments on the photos and videos posted on facebook the day after). there were laughters and tears, hugs and kisses, more picture-taking, even more eating, never-ending singing (with cash prizes for high scores) and spontaneous ballroom dancing (mostly for the oldies) and swimming (of course!) the whole day.

it was like having christmas on a summer day (and it’s not even summer anymore). super love! <<<333


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