what i’ve been up to lately

well, let’s see… over the past week, i finished reading two books: pam pastor’s paper cuts and bob ong’s ang mga kaibigan ni mama susan (the friends of mama susan). both were easy to ready; it took me less than two hours to finish each. i am currently reading my first neil gaiman book, fragile things. so far, so good. i loved the poem the hidden chamber.

last thursday, i got stranded in the office for two hours due to nonstop rains, flooded streets and heavy traffic. i was able to get back to my makati unit via padyak or a bicycle with a sidecar that has a makeshift wooden seat and no roof.

the following morning, i went home to the province anyway. and then kim and i spent the afternoon with my godsons who tired the hell out of us. we are seriously reconsidering having two boys in the future, haha. maybe one will do or borrowing other people’s kids once in a while is enough.

on saturday, i went to visit my grandfather with kim and my nephew. please pray that my mamayregains strength. i was also able to chat with my cousins while i was there and i got to meet one of my cousin’s new baby. he was so adorable he liked me at first sight, hehe. later in the afternoon, the three of us headed to kfc in lipa with my mom to buy a barrel of 21 fried chickens, haha. i used my megadeals coupon and the crew there was clueless on how to make the transaction. i still got my barrel in the end. kim had to go to work after; while i, my nephew and mom went to my brother’s house in malvar to visit my niece.

i was also back to work by sunday. after work, i finally got to update my chicblog over at chictopia. if you also have an account there, you can check my outfit posts under the username “ambebi” or click the badge below.

yesterday was a busy monday at work. and then last night, i ended up replying to a tweet by bianca gonzalez. she was asking for photos of anyone who has travel tumbling shots like hers. i told her that she was my inspiration for doing headstand shots when i go on beach trips and she sent me a direct message! i was so excited to exchange messages with her but alas as per twitter rules i can’t send a dm to a user who is not following me. i tweeted her again but she did not reply na. /fangirling

also last night i can’t stop thinking about buying a telescope after reading this “@NatGeo: Got a telescope and live in Southeast Asia? #NatGeo-funded astronomers need your help on.natgeo.com/iwWVxE.” i was already dreaming even before i fell asleep. this could have been my chance to be part of a natgeo project. i should have bought a telescope instead of a new camera. i’ll make sure that the next time an opportunity like this pops up i already have a telescope of my own.

oh, and i’ve been using epiduofor a little over two weeks now and i can say the results are promising. i think it really got rid of the blackheads on my nose. i still get pimples but they’re not as huge as they used to be and they dry out fast. right now, i just have one tiny pimple on my chin. my face still peels here and there but that’s just how epiduo works so i just have to bear with it.


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